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We want to make you smile!

Are you unhappy with the way your teeth look or feel? Are they crooked, dark, too short, chipped or multi-colored? Maybe they used to look better but time has taken its toll.

There are several ways to refresh your smile from whitening to bonding to orthodontic treatment, we want to talk to you about what we can do to give you the smile you want!

Most filling restorations have a lifespan of 2-10 years depending on the type of restoration. Most fillings after a couple of years start staining, leaking and failing to function correctly. We can use esthetic white material to replace old restorations with the highest quality restorative materials available to provide long-lasting wear, esthetics, and comfort for our patients.

Sometimes gaps, discolorations, and misalignment of the teeth can be addressed by bonding restorative material directly to the surface of the teeth. These composite “veneers” are helpful to test how final restorations may look, fit or function. The composite material used is mostly translucent so that they blend well into the existing dentition.

If the misalignment or discoloration of the teeth are severe, or the tooth is already heavily restored with large fillings, full coverage crowns may be indicated to cap or cover the entire surface of the tooth. The entire shape, shade, and contours of the teeth can be altered with these restorations.

Dental bridges offer a relatively rapid replacement for missing teeth.

Fabricated in a manner similar to crowns and veneers, they are made in a lab of permanent porcelain materials and fixed permanently in place on the teeth adjacent to the missing teeth.

Dental implants are another excellent option to replace missing teeth.

They are durable, esthetic and isolated to replace only the missing teeth. Instead of cutting down the adjacent teeth to anchor a bridge, a dental implant can be placed to replace the missing tooth root and any number of restorative components can then be anchored to it.

We offer a variety of options to lighten the shade of your teeth. If it has been a while since you have had a regular dental hygiene visit, having your teeth professionally cleaned will be effective to remove surface calculus deposits and stains that can discolor your teeth. Once your teeth are cleaned, you have other whitening options: over the counter whitening products, at-home whitening procedures or in-office (Zoom) whitening.

In-Home Whitening System

The at-home whitening system involves the fabrication of custom whitening trays that are used at home. It takes approximately 2 weeks of daily use (20-60 mins per day) to whiten this way.

In-Office (Zoom) Whitening

If you are interested in more immediate results, we offer an in-office system that shortens the usual 2 week period to 1 hour with a couple of follow up whitening cycles with custom home whitening trays. This process starts with a pre-op appointment to take impressions for the custom whitening trays and instructions to use a desensitizing toothpaste for 2 weeks leading up to the in-office procedure. At the whitening appointment, we will isolate your teeth and apply a protective gel to the gums and surrounding soft tissue for protection from light. A strong whitening gel that activates under light is applied to the teeth surfaces. A dental curing light is used to activate the whitening gel. After the appointment, you will receive the custom trays with desensitizing gel with instructions to wear them the rest of the day. After this procedure, you will be advised to whiten again on your own in a couple of days to bring your teeth to the shade you desire.

All of the materials and procedures we use for whitening are made to minimize tooth sensitivity many people associate with other whitening systems.

Veneer restorations can dramatically change the appearance of teeth.

Like the bonded composite restorations, they are used to restore the shape, shade, and alignment of teeth. Made of porcelain material, they are stronger and more durable than composite and are considered a permanent restorative option. Preparation of teeth for veneers often requires less tooth removal than crown restorations.

A second appointment is required to bond the veneers at delivery after initial preparation, impression, and temporization of the teeth. Also, an impression will be taken to fabricate an occlusal guard to be worn at night to protect the veneers from fracture.

We offer a clear aligner system to make minor changes to the alignment of your teeth. Whether your teeth shifted after traditional orthodontics or it’s something you have always wanted to change about your teeth, this orthodontic system is a clear, comfortable way to help you get the smile you desire.

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