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Children’s Dentistry

Your Child Shines With Every Smile. Let’s Keep it That Way.

A lifetime of healthy teeth starts with good brushing habits, good nutritional choices, and trust in your dentist. By teaming up together we can ensure that your child has a vibrant smile all the way into adulthood.

Dr. Ashley Ulmer is committed to keeping your children’s teeth bright and healthy. It’s also important to make the trip to the dentist a calm, pleasant experience so there’s no fear of “next time.” We take pride in seeing our patients grow into their adult teeth, so we’re committed to earning the trust of everyone who visits our clinic—both children and parents.

That’s why we take extra time to build rapport and earn confidence; it makes the experience easier for everyone. As a part of our care, we use pleasant, simple explanations to answer your child’s questions and calm any anxieties. Of course, we’re also happy to answer any concerns or questions you might have as a parent.

Superior Service Starts Before Your Child’s Appointment

We know that your child’s perception of his or her visit starts well before he or she climbs into the dentist’s chair; that is why we proudly offer kid-friendly activities in our reception room. We keep a wide variety of storybooks, toys and movies to help pass the time.

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Resources for Parents

Dr. Molly

Dr. Molly is a local pediatric dentist who has great resources for parents and children on her website.

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

Contains answers to questions parents frequently ask about their baby’s dental care.

Mouth Healthy Kids
Includes a variety of animations to engage kids and teach them how to keep their teeth healthy.

Provides various articles on how to ensure your baby grows up with healthy, strong teeth.

Colgate Kids’ World
Games and activities for kids to learn about the importance of oral health care.

Washington Dental Service Baby Portal

Website dedicated to providing oral health care tips for infants and young children.